Christian Teacher Training Resources

Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers might need training for:

Age Level Characteristics

Children, youth, and adults each have unique needs and developmental abilities. Content and methodology must be geared to students’ age level characteristics.

Teacher Issues

Unresolved issues can cloud a teachers judgment and hinder effectiveness.
Issues like discouragement, insecurities, fears, and lack of time or Bible knowledge can keep them from seeing and experiencing all God wants to do through them. Help teachers get through the smoke screens and address the root problem.

 Teaching Skills

Group dynamics, creative methodology, classroom management, and so much more can make a difference in the teaching-learning process. Teaching skills need to be developed to effectively deal with the various elements of teaching.

Teaching Topics

A comprehensive teaching plan will look at a variety of teaching topics from a biblical perspective. Discipling students in different aspects of their walk with God can be challenging as students can be at different places in their spiritual growth.

In the navigation, under Teacher Training Resources, you will find pages with resources on different teacher training topics that can help Bible teachers in the above areas which include . . .
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Also, if you are a Christian Education Director, Sunday School Superintendent, or other ministry leaders responsible for training Bible teachers:

Life Changers Curriculum

Suitable mainly for children aged 7 to 14
Our passion is to see children come to a personal relationship with Christ, and then to grow spiritually into mature disciples; experiencing significant ‘Life Change’ along the way.

The content of the ‘Life Changers’ curriculum reflects this, as teaching on all areas of discipleship is included in each of the four years and is applied practically to the children’s own lives. It captures the children’s attention through fully visualised lessons (mostly with 8 flashcard pictures) which are designed to be taught to all ages from 7-14 in one large group. This is followed by a variety of activities in small age related groups or classes. Detailed explanations are given on how to put this curriculum into practice in various ministry situations.

Our long-term involvement in missions in many countries has enabled us to especially develop the ‘Life Changers’ curriculum for use in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The content is as far as possible ‘culture-neutral’.
Available in: English, Amhaic, Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chichewa, Chinese, French, Garo, Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer, Kinyarwanda, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Samoan, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese

Sample Lesson and Topics

Life Changers Sample Lesson Ministry of Jesus

LC YR 1 topics
LC YR 2 Topics
LC YR 3 Topics
LC YR 4 Topics 

How to Purchase

This material can be purchased from any of the CBM branches in Singapore Philippines or India. If you would like to purchase these resources from another country please send your request here and we will let you know how these can be obtained.




The International Institute of Christian Counseling welcomes applications from Christians who wish to become better educated with regard to the ministry of Christian counseling.  If you are intrested in Christian ministry among children, youths, or Family you are welcome to apply for admission to the Associate of Christian Counseling program.  If you are pastor teacher or priest you are eligible for to apply for the certificate of Christian Counseling program.


The application form is available here