how to deal with porn addiction

QUESTION::How can I stop sinning? I’m 30, quite religious but I keep lusting and watching porn. How do I stop?

Porn addiction is as dangerous as any  other drug addiction. Just like any drug, it triggers the neurons in your brain which makes you feel ecstatic. And also reaching climax just by watching, without performing in reality feels much easier anyway. All in all, you become obsessed with it.

Even talking about the problem is a social taboo, which makes it difficult for people to get help.

Now, how can we stop it? Treat it like you would to heroine or cocaine addiction. Try to watch it less each time and eventually plan to end it. More your desire increases, more you meditate/ pray and train your subconscious mind to make it understand that sex in real life, seduction in real life is both beneficial for your health, mind and body. 

Exercise, go for a walk, read Bible, Christian books, do the chores and keep yourself busy. The more diverted your mind is, less likely you’ll watch it.

Be alive, live life before the time runs out. Go out on date with your spouse, spend quality time with him/her.

Say NO to porn.